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Public art continues to pop up!

Lovers of Olde Towne Portsmouth who have expressed a devotion to their neighborhood through public art have started a trend that continues to grow. First, the Supporters of Portsmouth Public Art brought a beloved frog to the entrance of the Children's Museum of Virginia.  Then, TowneBanker Aaron Kelly enlisted mural artist Sam Welty to create the commemorative War of 1812 mural along Effingham Street. Next, a decorative switchbox cover was installed at the intersection of Court and High, and the city added another Welty creation on the Water Street wall of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum. SPPA then asked Welty

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History abounds in Olde Towne

The GPDC successfully obtained official Historic District-business designation for Olde Towne in 2004.  The designation, which brings significant incentives for investment, is supported by the abundance of the neighborhood's historic properties, each with its own story to tell.  Read one property's story in the Pilot article here at http://hamptonroads.com/2014/01/traitors-joe-coffee-shop-connected-benedict-arnold

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Colonel William Crawford

While Col. William Crawford established in 1752 what is today the City of Portsmouth, he lives on in the 21st century through the Partnership's PortsEvents affiliate as the colorful ambassador and tour guide for monthly First Friday and weekly windows product key Farmers' Market events.  Moreover, he has entered the digital age with his own web site: www.colonelcrawford.com.

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Olde Towne’s Mural Magic

In June of 2013 a mural depicting the War of 1812 appeared along Oak Grove Cemetery's wall along Effingham Street. Then, in September the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum was found sporting a mural depicting our shipyard's contributions to events from three centuries' worth of our nation's history.  What's up?  Read more at http://hamptonroads.com/2013/09/portsmouth-brushes-its-history-murals.

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