The Portsmouth Partnership introduced our newest initiative, Starting Block, in January 2016.

Starting Block offers hourly rates for open, cubicle, and private office space, including wi-fi connection and access to a copier.  Need to accommodate a small or large group to make a pitch?  No problem: a small meeting space is available, as is an AV-equipped briefing room that will accommodate 40+ people.  Need just a mailing address for your new enterprise?  Starting Block can provide that, too.

Need a few new tools in your kit regarding accounting, marketing and the like?  Starting Block has teamed with Hatch’s 1000Four program to provide the tools, resources and mentoring assets to help companies at almost any stage of their development.  Hatch has built an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive by creating events, programs, workshops, and courses designed to not only keep them abreast of new opportunities, but also in touch with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Starting Block’s goal is to provide incubation space for companies which will move on to seek their own space as they grow their payroll and their revenue.  Growing companies will move out, and new ones will continue to move in.  Beautiful.

Starting Block Contract with Launch Rates