The Portsmouth Partnership adopted a resolution supporting redistricting reform in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Learn more about this very important issue by visiting OneVirginia2021.  Go a step further by signing the petition and contacting your legislators.


JANUARY 22, 2015

WHEREAS, the process of redrawing congressional and state legislative districts in Virginia is conducted by members of the majority party of the General Assembly under authority granted by Article II, Section 6 of the Virginia Constitution; and

WHEREAS, Virginia’s historical practice of redistricting by the majority party in each legislative chamber is an outdated practice that stifles political competition, discourages compromise and ensures continued control by the party in power; and

WHEREAS, the process has resulted in decreased electoral competition, increased political polarization, a lack of interest in legislative compromise and accordingly a lack of serious solutions to the real problems faced by the country and the Commonwealth of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, no disparagement is meant to any political party, since each party within the current process has been guilty of setting the boundaries to its advantage; and

WHEREAS, our democracy cannot continue to function with continuing partisan gridlock; and

WHEREAS, redistricting reform under an independent, non-partisan commission has been successfully implemented in several other states; and

WHEREAS, the people of Virginia in at least two statewide polls, have registered their overwhelming support for redistricting reform; and

WHEREAS, OneVirginia2021 (Virginians for Fair Redistricting) has been created to advocate for an amendment to the Virginia Constitution to turn redistricting over to an independent commission; and

WHEREAS, the Governor’s bipartisan Commission on Integrity and Public Confidence in State Government is recommending not only a constitutional amendment but also a bill to write objective nonpartisan criteria to govern any congressional and state legislative redistricting decisions; and

WHEREAS, it is essential that the redistricting process in Virginia be reformed in plenty of time for the 2020 census

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Portsmouth Partnership, meeting this 22nd day of January 2015, that this organization supports the efforts of OneVirginia2021 and the Governor’s Commission on Integrity and Confidence in State Government to reform Virginia’s congressional and state legislative redistricting process through a constitutional amendment and other supporting legislation.


Peter J. Schleck, President