Who is the Portsmouth Partnership?

The Portsmouth Partnership is a group of volunteer business, professional and civic leaders who are committed to Portsmouth’s economic development in the broadest possible sense.  In pursuing a path toward a rich and rewarding quality of life for all of Portsmouth’s citizens, the Partnership’s members work to create job opportunities and tax revenue, to bring underutilized properties to their highest and best use, to identify and groom future leaders within the city, to directly support worthwhile non-profit organizations, to promote trade and tourism in Portsmouth’s historic Olde Towne district, and to foster support for Portsmouth’s public schools and their innovative programs. The Partnership has created several affiliates to effectively address these efforts: the Greater Portsmouth Development Corporation, the Partnership Development Corporation, the Lefcoe Leadership Foundation, the Portsmouth Partnership Foundation, and PortsEvents.

The mission of the Portsmouth Partnership is to promote economic growth, leadership and education within the city of Portsmouth.


The Portsmouth Partnership shall support its mission by effectively:

  • Fostering leadership
  • Encouraging economic development
  • Supporting education
  • Recognizing Portsmouth’s role in our maritime region
  • Helping to broaden the tax base in our city
  • Coordinating and cooperating with other localities on regional issues
  • Supporting public safety as an essential component of economic vitality and quality of life
  • Being “issue driven” in seeking fulfillment of its mission
  • Acting upon other issues identified by the Board from time to time
  • In a typical year the Partnership’s briefing room  hosts more meetings for other non-profits and organizations than for its own affiliates.